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The AXIS family of designs  are wiring hubs that simplifies the interconnect between multiple avionics instruments using low-cost, easily available D-subminiature connectors and cables.

AXIS-25A:  provides a backplane of five 25-pin connectors that allow the distribution of common signals, such as RS-232, sensor power or instrument power.  Specifically, it is well adapted to the interconnect of modern Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS) that need to be connect to many other instruments.

Two of the pins are configured as high-current connections, suitable for power and ground distribution.  Fast-On connectors are provided for redundant power and ground.

AXIS-15A: similar to the AXIS-25A, but provides a 15-pin main bus along with two dedicated 15-pin connectors that are useful for power and ground distribution.  Powers and grounds are connected to the board with fast-on connectors.

AXIS-9A: a five-way Dynon SkyView bus splitter.

GBX-25: a 25-pin ground or power bus distributor, with fast-on connectors for main ground/power connection.









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